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Your Manuscript Will Be Better With an Editor

Every manuscript can benefit from the work of a professional editor. Have you written a novel or nonfiction title that you plan to self-publish or send to an agent or publisher? If so, you need me.

My name is Kim Catanzarite and I am a freelance writer, copy and content editor, and proofreader with more than thirty years of experience. I've worked on hundreds of books of all genres, both fiction and nonfiction.

I’ve edited books for companies like Random House, Better Homes and Gardens, F+W Media, Ten Speed Press, and for big-name authors such as Hallie Ephron, Donald Maass, Paula Munier, James Scott Bell, Michael Larsen, and Chuck Wendig. 

I am known for my sharp eye, attention to detail, and ability to smooth awkward phrases. The Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press Stylebook, and Webster's Dictionary have been my go-to tools of the trade since 1990. You can rely on me to handle all of your editing needs. 

In addition to working with large publishing houses, I offer my services to individuals who are pursuing self-publication or want to prepare their work for an agent's or publisher's eyes. I, too, write creatively—my short stories and creative nonfiction have been published in literary magazines and have won awards (see my Writing page). I know that what writers want and need is someone to point out the weakness, find the errors, and leave the voice intact.

"Kim Catanzarite offers a brilliant balance with her editorial feedback. She knows the rules, so she can steer her clients to seamlessly follow The Chicago Manual of Style or other   industry guidelines. She presents this information in a straightforward way that doesn't feel like a criticism of the author. Beyond that, she demonstrates a level of engagement that proves she is invested in the material she is editing. Her comments are both thorough and humorous. When necessary, Kim asks questions to prompt the author to clarify a section of story. She is a role model of how to be a copy editor a client will want to work with for the entirety of their career."— Laura Mahal

 If you’re interested in working with me, simply send me an e-mail. I’d love to hear about your work!   Click Here To Send an Email




Not sure whether you need a content editor or a copy editor?

A content editor is a sounding board for writers whose short story or novel is in an early to middle stage. She points out where the writing falls flat, where the scenes don’t add up, and where characters need to do some soul searching. She helps you see what’s so very hard to see: the weaknesses in your manuscript. As a content editor, I’ll apply my knowledge of story structure as well as my inquisitive nature. I’ll query all things that confuse or seem out of place, and make suggestions that will strengthen the story.


A copy editor, on the other hand, is useful late in the writing process—when the story has been squared away and you need to take a closer look at the writing. She reads the manuscript with a focus on grammar and syntax, spelling, ease of reading, and overall flow of words. She weeds out the errors so that the agent, editor, or reader of your self-published book sees your story instead of your misplaced commas and awkward phrases. As a copy editor, I’ll provide my sharp eye, my ability to identify and smooth clunky wording, and my thorough understanding of all things grammar (and Chicago style).


If you’re interested in working with me, simply send me an e-mail. I’d love to hear about your work! Click Here to Send an Email



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